New Discount Certificates – Friday the 25th!

New Discount Certificates – Friday the 25th!

On Friday, September 25th we will have the latest round of discount gift certificates. These certificates can be accessed by clicking “Gift Certificates” above or by going directly to:

This next sale will feature certificates to many new restaurants in town including MAFIAoZa’s, Dyron’s Low Country, Rogue Tavern, Cooper’s Corner at the I-459 Tom Williams Dealership and Cafe des Paris. Additionally, we have worked with many of your favorite restaurants to allow us to offer more certificates. Our Friday sale will be the largest in the seven year history of BirminghamMenus discount gift certificates! Plan on getting to the site early, because we’ll plan on launching sometime between 6 and 7am.

Additionally, the sale will take place on the next generation of our software, managed by our sister company InstaGift, LLC. We developed InstaGift to manage these types of sales for groups around the United States. We think that you’ll find that the new software is much faster, easier to use, and it will allow you to login anytime in the future to manage your gift certificate purchases. Please note, your credit card will be charged by, not BirminghamMenus.

We’re very excited about the recent growth of BirminghamMenus, and the spin-off of InstaGift. While our company continues to expand, our core value is helping locally-owned restaurants. We thank you for your continued support of local restaurants in Birmingham and beyond!

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