Online Stores Up and Running

Online Stores Up and Running

Over a year ago, Hot and Hot Fish Club asked us to build them an online store to showcase their food and merchandise. It is available at, and it’s stocked full of a wide array of items found at Hot and Hot. More recently, several other restaurants have realized the importance of taking their inventory online, and have come to us asking to build them stores as well. Everything Iz (formerly Cafe Iz) had us build an online storefront with many delicious items, and just this week we posted Mary’s Gloria Candies, a new business venture from Anthony and Monica Krontiras at Nabeel’s. Below are some screenshots of our stores, and descriptions of what you can find there. Next time you are looking to get a unique gift and support local restaurants, head over to these stores and make your purchase from the comfort of your home computer. Also, keep an eye out for the Continental Bakery Store, set to open next month.

hhHot and Hot Fish Club Store

In 2007 we opened the Hot and Hot Fish Club Store. At the Hot and Hot store, you can order a wide range of items, from the signature pottery used at the restaurant to Hot and Hot coffee, and even treats for your four legged Hot and Hot fan! Most importantly, in October chef/owner Chris Hastings will be releasing his first cookbook, and preorders can be taken online. If you order online, your cookbook will come autographed by authors Chris and Idie Hastings.

izEverything Iz

The second online store built by BirminghamMenus was for the Iz Good Stuff division of Everything Iz. On the Iz Good Stuff store you can buy Iz gear, like hats and t-shirts, decadent desserts like their Mini Mousse Bombs (Jen and my favorite), Italian Cream Cake and Lemon Squares. Finally, you can always get Iz Good Stuff Granola on the Iz store, and even have it mailed to your friends. Iz Granola has made quite a name for itself in grocery stores around Birmingham. If you haven’t tried it, it’s incredible! Keep and eye out.

marysMary’s Gloria Candies

Several months ago our good friends at Nabeel’s called and asked us if we would help them get a new business venture off the ground. For years, they have been making delicious candy at the store for friends and family around the US. The word spread, and soon friends of friends were calling to try and get Nabeel’s candy shipped to them! This “secret” is now out, and people everywhere in the US can now enjoy what a lucky few have know for years… Nabeel’s makes fantastic divinity, pecan brittle, pralines and more!

The ability to help our restaurant clients get their inventory online is the latest service offered by BirminghamMenus. Stay tuned, we’ll be putting more stores online in the near future!

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