What is Chef U?

pic10Chef U is a new concept where chef Angela Schmidt comes to your house and hosts a dinner party for you and your closest friends. You choose the menu. She brings the food, professional chef gear, and prepares an incredible meal. Best of all, her dinner parties are interactive. Angela will have your guests participate, show them some chef tricks of the trade, and everyone will leave with new ideas to try the next time they cook.

Angela has worked in some of Birmingham’s best kitchens, and has all the expertise to bring a restaurant-quality meal to your home. She used our home to do a test event, and the experience was amazing. The Coq au Vin was spectacular, and we all participated in the preparation.

Angela charges $75 a person for a dinner party. You can get more information at www.chefubham.com

You can get (while supplies last) a $100 gift certificate to Chef U for $50 at www.birminghammenus.com/gc

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