A Letter from Franklin Biggs

A Letter from Franklin Biggs

The following was reprinted from www.homewoodgourmet.com

Dear customers and friends of Homewood Gourmet,

I am sad and glad to announce there are new changes coming to Homewood Gourmet, which will be effective the end of May. After a period of consideration, I have decided to sell Homewood Gourmet to a wonderful young couple, Chris and Laura Zapalowski. The style, service and staff of Homewood Gourmet will remain the same with the addition of new energy and new ideas, always a good thing to happen. Be on the lookout for more of the same great food and some wonderful additions to the menu.

I would be terribly remiss if I neglected to give deep-felt thanks to the current and prior staff of Homewood Gourmet. They have helped me through some great and hard times, all with caring support. They are all planning to stay on with Chris and Laura to provide the critical continuity of this transition. So Mitchell, Tina, Cindy and Lyn (she’s new) will be answering your phone calls and filling your catering orders, and Rene, Gerardo and Belizario will be cooking up the same food as well as learing some new things. No chef or owner has been better served by a staff than I have been by them.

I have known Laura (then Martin) for about 10 years, since she worked for me while a student at Samford University, in fact the other day she told my staff that she remembers me teaching her to chop an onion. I don’t know if that made her go to culinary school after Samford, but she did, up in NYC and then ended up at the “new” Food Network. She met Emeril Lagasse there and he eventually got her to go to New Orleans to work on his TV and book projects. Chris was also working for Emeril and I guess so was Cupid. They relocated to Birmingham after Hurricane Katrina and have both been working for Chris Hastings at Hot and Hot Fish Club. Chris has been working as Chef de Cuisine and Laura doing editing and recipe testing on Chris’ cookbook. Laura also spent some time at Southern Progress doing writing, editing, food styling, etc.

The next question I’m sure you are all wanting to ask, is what will Franklin do next? For a while, I will be helping Chris and Laura with some transitional consulting. As well I will be working on special projects for the Pepper Place Saturday Market, which is near and dear to my heart. After that, well who knows what will come my way, if I leave my head and heart open.

As you may or may not be aware, I have been been undergoing treatment for throat cancer since January of this year. So I have had several surgeries, one even robotic assisted, and an emergency tracheotomy. Now I am in the beginnings of radiation and chemotherapy, which will last until the 25 of June (final day will be the Friday June 25 when I go hear Sam Bush wail on the mandolin at the Alys Stephens center). One of the side effects of the treatment is the loss of taste, which should be temporary. The length of the effect is unknown. Other effects are fatigue, so far they are correct and they have promised me the sore throat of all sore throats, and the beginnings of it are here. It may cause me to stop eating normally and have to rely on a feeding tube. There is no guide to side effects, as each patient is different, but I am trying to be as good as I can and do as well as I can. The prediction of the taste sense return has been from a month to a year, and it will be gradual. I will take it one day at a time…It is the only way, and recovery is on the way of the journey.

So my friends, please celebrate the changes. Chris and Laura promise to make good food, and hope that you all continue to be as wonderful to them as you have been to me. We have appreciated your years of patronage and friendship and hope for many many more.

Franklin Biggs
Homewood Gourmet

3 Responses to “A Letter from Franklin Biggs”

  1. Joe & Ginger Coker

    May 21st, 2010

    We have followed you for years on Fox 6 Good Day and Joe who works downtown BHM has eaten lunch at the HG for a long time over the past few years.

    We will keep you in our prayers and encourage our family and friends to do so.

    May the Peace of the Lord be with you!

    Joe & Ginger

  2. teresa

    May 24th, 2010

    you’re in my prayers franklin and blessings to your new life and horizons. kisses and godspeed..

  3. Terri

    Jul 3rd, 2010

    We are so grateful for you for your investment in our community and your wonderful restaurant! We have been the recipients of the meals you have shared with Children’s Hospital and are thankful for you. May God bless you and bring you peace and sweet days with your friends and family.

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