KansasCityMenus owner Jeanie Schmidt dining out with husband, John

BirminghamMenus owners Jennifer & Nate Schmidt (with Elliott!)

Jennifer Goodwin Schmidt grew up in Mountain Brook and attended Auburn University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Business. Upon graduating in May of 1997, she moved to Athens, Georgia and studied at the University of Georgia School of Law. During her last semester of law school, Jennifer studied abroad in London where she met her future husband (and business partner), Nate.

After a semester in London, Nate and Jennifer moved to Lawrence, Kansas where Nate was finishing law school at the University of Kansas. During that time, they started a website called LawrenceMenus.com as a “test run” for future endeavors. Although it was a casual, part-time project, they were able to grow it into the largest restaurant index in the city. Their success in Lawrence inspired them to move on to bigger and better things in Birmingham, Alabama.

Nate and Jennifer got the idea for BirminghamMenus.com while they were planning their New Orleans wedding from Kansas. Due to the long distance, they relied on the Internet to do the majority of their planning. Fortunately, almost all the top restaurants in New Orleans have an active presence on the Internet, not only by having their own website, but by being listed on indexes that provide a vast collection of restaurant information. By visiting various dining indexes on the web, they were able to gain a better understanding of the restaurant scene in the area. Thanks to all the help from the Internet, Nate and Jennifer were married March 31, 2001 in the beautiful courtyard of the W Hotel, French Quarter, with catering provided by Bacco.

Since then, Nate and Jennifer have moved to a downtown loft in 2001, Crestwood North in 2004, and finally relocating to Homewood in 2008, where they live and work. Although business plans began in July, 2001, the official launch of the website, www.birminghammenus.com, was at the beginning of September, 2001.

Since that launch, BirminghamMenus.com has become the top online destination for learning about the Birmingham culinary scene. Over the years, the site has also been at the center of restaurant web innovation. In 2003 the BirminghamMenus discount gift certificate program began, offering diners up to 40% off at the best restaurants in town. In 2007 BirminghamMenus created a single group gift certificate, which can be printed online and used at your choice of participating restaurants. Finally, in 2009, we launched the next generation BirminghamMenus website, featuring all the latest web 2.0 features.

Nate and Jennifer pride themselves on promoting the locally owned restaurants in Birmingham, and hope to encourage residents and visitors of Birmingham to expand their culinary horizons by dining at locally owned and operated restaurants.